Extremely easy: Restart the computer and its original desired state is restored.

Infographic: CONFIRE SHERLOCK Workflow

CONFIRE SHERLOCK is a tool that elegantly solves a very specific problem. But that doesn't mean that CONFIRE SHERLOCK always has to restore the computer's state whenever it's restarted. Quite the opposite: CONFIRE SHERLOCK offers numerous ways to customize the behaviour to exactly how you want it.

Protect hard drive partitions

Screenshot: Hard drive protection

To protect a hard drive partition CONFIRE SHERLOCK creates a swap-file in which all future changes are written. These are then later discarded when the computer is restarted. You can either protect all partitions or exclude specific ones. It's your choice.

Flexible behaviour upon restart

Screenshot: Start options

You often don't want all changes to be automatically discarded on every restart. CONFIRE SHERLOCK gives you the possibility to modify the restart behaviour. You can configure on what days and at what time a restart should discard everything. And this applies to all partitions as well as just the selected ones.

Save changes permanently

Screenshot: Save changes option

Imagine you want to test some new software but you're not quite sure yet whether you want to keep it or not. CONFIRE SHERLOCK gives you the possibility to decide at the end of the test whether you want to discard all changes or keep them.

Block external drives

Screenshot: Block external drives

You can not only protect your hard disks. You also have the possibility to provide all external drives with write protection or even completely block them. You can configure this globally for all drives or just for selected drives.

Password protection

Screenshot: Password protection

You can allocate two different passwords: With the administrator password you gain access to all functions of CONFIRE SHERLOCK, inparticular the option of turning protection on/off. With the user account you can give selected users the possibility to initiate a restart to either discard the changes or save the changes permanently.

Full control via command line

Screenshot: Command line

You can completely control CONFIRE SHERLOCK remotely via the command line. All settings from the system control can be changed using the CONFIRE SHERLOCK CONSOLE. CONFIRE SHERLOCK is thus fully scriptable. Configure your computer via batch file or Visual Basic script.