CONFIRE SHERLOCK protects your computers from permanent change. Just restart the PC and its original desired state is restored.

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CONFIRE SHERLOCK protects computers from any unwanted changes, viruses, file clutter and unauthorized programs. You can also prevent data theft and protect the computer even further by blocking external drives. It's easy to install, intuitive to use and runs silently in the background. The essential tool for public computers in schools, universities and museums and a great tool for private use.

More time for teaching

Save time. The task of tidying up hard drives (deleting files, uninstalling applications, restoring configurations, etc.) is a thing of the past. Your computers are always ready for use. You can fully concentrate on teaching your lessons.

Pure software solution

You don't need any additional hardware components. CONFIRE SHERLOCK is a pure software solution. Protect your workstations, laptops or tablets. Even public kiosk systems can easily be safeguarded.

Flexible configuration

Configure when the computers shall be reset to their desired baseline condition (e.g. at the end of the day), and whether this should take place automatically. And the best thing is: If you want you can also permanently save changes.

Easy to install

The installation couldn't be easier. Follow the self-explainitary installer program, then configure all settings in the intuitive graphical user interface.

Windows XP to 10

All Windows versions are supported from XP to Windows 10 both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Low acquisition costs

CONFIRE SHERLOCK costs less than you think. Buy the exact number of licenses you need. Support is free.


All prices are in Euros and subject to VAT.


25 €

Licence per computer

  • Discount for +5 licenses
  • Switching offer
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35 €

Licence per computer

  • Discount for +5 licenses
  • Switching offer
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